100 Days to go until Race Day!

There are 100 days left until the Wings for Life World Run 2022. Join us on May 8, 2022, when we will run again for those who can't. The Wings for Life World Run is the perfect opportunity for you to have a fantastic day with friends and family – despite the pandemic! You can each run individually but be together by forming a team and connecting across borders and beyond COVID-19 restrictions! Together with its exclusive Audio Experience, the Wings for Life World Run App keeps your team connected during the run by providing information, entertainment, and motivation.

Anyone who wants to run at one of the eight Flagship Run locations should register soon, as these events have often sold out quickly in the past due to restricted numbers. If you want to take part in the run with the App, you can download it now to register and train with the virtual Catcher Car during a Preparation Run.