"A craziness explosion and soooo much happiness."

Thanks, Wings for Life World Run community. We asked you to tell us about your experience running individually with the App on May 3, and you responded!

To make the run even more exciting for participants this year, we developed a totally new Audio Experience on the App: a mix of information, encouragement and fun that included cheering crowds and a humorously sinister virtual Catcher Car.

"The audio experience was absolutely amazing," declared one participant. Others chimed in:  "It made me feel included in the group." "The distance notifications were great." "Was always looking forward to the next motivational quote." A distance runner added, "It was quite funny and even gave me a smile after 30+km!"

Lots of you had something to say about the Catcher Car and its "villain voice." Reactions ranged from simply, "It was epic" to "Tickled – loved its witty threats" and "It was amazing! I laughed so hard. The Catcher Car sounded like in a horror movie."

Some found the virtual chase to be quite realistic. For example, "I looked back and thought he’s really coming" and even "The car horn made me jump out of the road a couple of times"!

The majority of you told us that the Catcher Car’s approach motivated you to run farther than expected. One runner commented that his legs became "rockets," another said it provided a push like being chased by "a swarm of bees"! Others talked about feeling an "adrenaline rush" and "full of new energy," while noting "never thought it could be so much fun!"

Plenty of you felt like the participant who said, "I was excited but also happy that I could stop running!" That’s what it’s about – giving your all for the good cause!

Most touching were the descriptions of your emotions when the Catcher Car passed you and your race was done:

  • "Blessed and proud at the same time."
  • "Amazing! I can always go beyond my limits in this race."
  • "Joy to be part of this good cause, my heart and soul was full."
  • "In tears, smiling and crying at the same time."
  • "A craziness explosion and soooo much happiness."

You also overwhelmingly let us know that you’re already excited for next year. So thank YOU for the happiness that your participation gives to everyone affected by spinal cord injury!

If you haven’t told us about your App Run experience yet, please send feedback of any kind to app@wingsforlifeworldrun.com. We’re using your input to make the run on May 9, 2021, even better, and you can pre-register now to receive an email as soon as registration is open.