A heartfelt thank you

Studies have found that we say thank you around 2,000 times a year. However, only around half of these are meant genuinely. Today, on International Thank You Day, when we thank you for your support, you can be assured that we are doing so from the bottom of our hearts.

We are incredibly proud of you, our global Wings for Life World Run community. Together, we have run over seven million kilometers and raised an estimated 30 million euros for scientific research since 2014. And that is just the beginning. You are amazing!

As our thank you to you, our partner Suunto has had training plans devised for you. None other than Sebastian Hallmann, winner of the 2018 Wings for Life World Run in Munich, has been assisting here. Below you can download the plans and get started with your training straight away.

Have fun with these!

15 KM

10 KM

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