Fundraising mastermind Charles Brice shares his insights – and his next goal

© Charles Brice

Australia’s Charles Brice was one of our fundraising heroes in 2019! He led a group of bicycle riders on a 300 km trek that raised AUS$100,000 for Wings for Life! Charles has a spinal cord injury and is one of our Ambassadors for the Wings for Life World Run. Now he’s preparing for the App Run in Adelaide next May – and he’s got a special goal in mind.

At least 250,000 people sustain a spinal cord injury annually. Charles was a 19-year-old farmhand enjoying a trail ride when he was thrown from his motorbike, severing his spinal cord. Told he would never walk again, he spent 52 days in intensive care plus 14 months in a rehabilitation center. 

At first, Charles couldn’t even scratch his nose, but when he left the center, he was able to push himself in his wheelchair. Today he lives on his own, drives a car and works as a digital reporter.

“Becoming a quadriplegic has no doubt been the toughest thing I’ve had to go through, physically and mentally,” Charles acknowledges, “but I’ve always had a positive outlook, and I’m lucky to have supportive friends and family. I try to make the most of my situation.” 

© Charles Brice

When Charles and a friend founded the “Wheel To Walk” ride that saw him retrace the 300 km route from the scene of his accident to the emergency room, one objective was fundraising. “After learning about the great work Wings for Life does globally, and the fact that 100% of donations go directly towards research, I knew that’s where I wanted the money to go,” he says. “We had amazing sponsors that supported us and our cause, and there were a lot of donations by individuals.” With the ride, he raised that unbelievable AUS$100,000 for spinal cord research. And now he wants more.

Charles has been an Ambassador of the Wings for Life World Run since 2016. “The Wings for Life World Run is amazing, and knowing that you’re running at the same time as thousands of others around the world for one cause is impossible to replicate,” he declares. “I will be participating in Adelaide, and I have a big goal: I want to raise as much awareness as possible and make it the largest App Run in the world. I can’t wait.” 

We are proud and thankful to see what our supporters can achieve, and Charles’ extraordinary fundraising ride is a great example. You can join Charles on May 3 in Adelaide – or from anywhere – and keep the progress going.