Getting your running mojo back

Many runners find that their motivation dips just after Christmas and at the start of the new year. It’s a struggle to incorporate running back into their routine. Especially when the weather is not ideal, you quickly have an excuse to leave your running shoes untouched in the corner. Sports Director Colin Jackson reveals the best tips to overcome your inner sloth – and how the App can help you with this. 

For anyone who has not run for a long time, Colin recommends treating the workout as a work appointment. As something that you do, regardless of whether you feel like it or not.

It is also good to find a training partner and arrange fixed times and dates. Then you’ll think twice before skipping a workout.

Another one of Colin’s ideas is the setting of intermediate goals and thus creating a sense of achievement. Or rewarding yourself after completing a running session if you struggle to get going.

This always works: Good music with a motivational beat and, of course, the Wings for Life World Run App’s training mode with the following features:


Set your running goal and get chased by the virtual Catcher Car during training. This will show you how far you will make it on race day. “You will automatically run faster if you're being chased,” Colin remarks. “Just like when you played tag as a child.”


The motivational announcements and updates (your live race standing, Catcher Car position, etc.) are also available in training mode. “It is motivational to run in a group or with a training partner,” Colin says. “With an encouraging voice in my ear, it feels like I’m not running alone.”


On race day, there is a comprehensive listening experience: warm-up program, practical information, interviews with participants, and news from runners all over the world, who will be running with you at the same time. Plus: the Catcher Car driver will give you vocal encouragement to keep running.


Invite friends, form a team, or join one. You can send motivational messages to your friends. “We can do this together: Make a start and form a team here; you’ll be amazed at how many people you can encourage,” explains Colin.

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Don’t have the App on your smartphone yet? Download it from here: iOS / Android.

Source: Red Bulletin