Tune in to the ultimate Wings for Life World Run playlist for training and race day!

On May 9, you all will be running individually, on your own but united in spirit. Along with the Audio Experience on the App, music will be your "running buddy". So we searched for great songs and put together a Wings for Life World Run streaming playlist to motivate you the best way possible!

Even now, when you’re training, what better way to lift your mojo than with the best running music out there?

Plus, there’s hard evidence to show that music – whether it’s inspiring you as you build toward your goals or during the Run itself – can actually aid you as you pound the streets or hit the trail. Nearly two-thirds of runners like listening to music when they’re running. On top of that, songs have been scientifically proven to reduce your perception of how hard running is. The suggestion is that music raises your positivity while also diminishing your negative outlook when it comes to factors like tension and fatigue.

Tune in on SpotifyApple Music or Deezer and turn it up!