Three ways to take part

Day and night, spring and autumn, on May 3, 2020, Wings for Life World Runners will once again walk, run and roll to stay ahead of the Catcher Cars for as long as they can.

When the start signal sounds at 11am UTC, there will be a profound sense of togetherness worldwide as each person joins the movement to support spinal cord research funded by the Wings for Life foundation - and help find a cure for life-changing spinal cord injuries.

They’ll run, walk or roll until the real or virtual Catcher Cars pass them to end their race, giving each person a huge feeling of pride for finishing.

But how can you be part of this truly global movement?


If you love being a part of a big race – with thousands of participants – choose one of the Flagship Runs, with a celebrity-driven Catcher Car, vibrant starting village and a world-class atmosphere. They take place in locations across the planet, making the most of the day or night, spring or autumn running conditions.

Register for a Flagship Run


Download the App to join the event wherever you are on the planet. Whether you’re participating individually or with a group, the App Run starts on your phone automatically at 11am UTC, marking the beginning of the worldwide race. Thirty minutes later, the virtual Catcher Car will sound its horn, announcing its chase has started, cheering you on and pushing you to keep going. Only when the App buzzes and vibrates, signaling the Catcher Car has caught up, is your race over. When the Global Result List comes out, look for your name alongside every other participant worldwide.


Indulge in the joy of running alone on your favorite track as you share in the global progress of the race on Wings for Life World Run radio. Simply download the Wings for Life World Run App and register as an individual App Runner, and on May 3, you’ll have your very own virtual Catcher Car chasing you along your very own track. Wear with pride your personal race number, which you’ll get by email a few days before the start. You are officially part of the global race!

Be an individual App Runner


Using your downloaded Wings for Life World Run App, you can be part of one of the hundreds of community-driven App Runs across the globe. Join the party and share in the joy and spirit of the day – or night – with likeminded folks in a place you’ve always wanted to visit. This is a race for everyone – a global movement of people doing something wonderful – no experience required.

Or, to put your own stamp on the global movement, plan your own App Run. Bring your personality and enthusiasm to a favorite local trail and motivate friends, family and your local community to join the party.

Take part in a group App Run

Over to you – where and how will you choose to be part of the global Wings for Life World Run on May 3, 2020?