Train with Runner’s World Germany for the Wings for Life World Run

How’s training going for May 3? If you’re using your New Year’s resolutions to really get moving, these expert training plans from Runner’s World Germany will put you on your path to success. Completely tailored to the Wings for Life World Run format, these plans – for both 15 km and 30+ km goals – get you ready to go the distance and still have the energy to race against the Catcher Car as it approaches.

Both carefully designed 12-week plans use a variety of endurance-boosting paces and techniques, the magic components that will power you up for the end of your race, so you get that wonderful, smile-inducing Catcher Car sprint at the finish.

Use our Goal Calculator to work out the pace you’ll need to reach your goal, then start training for the big day. We’re excited to see you take the Wings for Life World Run further than ever before. We’re running for those who can’t and to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Download now:

15 km

30 km