You can’t fail to be touched and inspired by their stories. Our video introduces you to three women who are true heroes. Sam Bloom (AUS), Brooke Thabit (USA), and Ursula Schwaller (GER) have spinal cord injuries. All three have been injured so severely in accidents during their free time that they have been reliant on wheelchairs for years. Every day is a challenge for them, especially mentally. And yet, they manage to make the best of it. However, this has not always been the case. And even now, it still isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, and precisely because of this, they inspire with their encouraging stories: never give up, look out for yourself, and become the best version of yourself.

These Wings for Life World Run ambassadors use their voices to draw attention to the fate of those with spinal cord injuries because they are sure of one thing: nobody likes to sit in a wheelchair. Each individual with a spinal cord injury wants nothing more than to walk and run again.

May 9 is finally the day, and we get to run again for Sam, Brooke, and Ursula and for everyone else who can’t do it themselves. Let us take a stand by building a community, giving hope, and collectively raising funds, 100% of which will go to spinal cord research. All to cure spinal cord injuries and fulfill the dream of our three ambassadors and so many other people around the world.

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