Wings for Life World Runners United

On May 9, we will all be connected together via the App

We only have about 100 more days until we make history together again. On May 9, we will be running using our brand-new App. The Flagship Runs have been suspended for another year. Even in the current situation, we are all fired up to offer an incredible running event. This is why we’ve been working on our App and a listening experience for months now, and we're particularly proud of the outcome.

Best of all is the fact that all participants can run where and with whoever they want. All at the same time. Last year, teams were formed, friends invited, and challenges held. This year we want to take it up a notch. With the App and our listening experience, we will ramp up that event feeling to the max; that’s a promise.

There’s even an app update with a training mode waiting for you. Just download it from the store and get training straight away. The update also provides a foretaste of the audio experience to ensure you won't get bored.

The feeling of running with the whole world – we can’t wait.

Flo Neuschwander, German long-distance and ultra-runner

“I’ve marked May 9 as a red-letter day in my diary. As there will probably only be a few races again this year, where I can test what I’m capable of, I’m especially looking forward to the Wings for Life World Run. An extremely cool event. I love running with the rest of the world and my ‘Run with the Flow-Team’.“

© Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics

Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics

“I think it's great that the Wings for Life World Run is happening this year no matter what. This means runners already have a goal and motivation at the start of the 2021 running season, both of which are incredibly important for regular training”, said Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics. “Running has become an important mental and physical outlet for many people especially during these challenging times. And the event also links participants virtually around the world, across all national borders. This has always been an important global responsibility of sport”, Coe continued.

Lukrecija Tomušić, wheelchair participant from Croatia

The energy at the Wings for Life World Run is amazing, really great! I talked to my closest friends and because of the current situation we will – if possible – run at an Organized App Run. We would love to run at the sea. I only can recommend everyone to be part of this as you have to experience this run at least once in your life.

Be part of the Wings for Life World Run on May 9, 2021.

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