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A global run for everyone

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Everywhere at the same time

Together we run, roll and walk for those who can’t

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How to join us

Run with the App

With the App, you can participate in the Wings for Life World Run everywhere you want.

Run anywhere you want or set your own route

Run, roll or walk as far as you can; 30 minutes after the start, the virtual Catcher Car, our moving finish line, starts its chase

Have fun with the audio experience on race day

Support a great cause: 100 % of your entry fee goes to spinal cord research

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This run is truly for everyone

We do not have a fixed distance. In the Wings for Life World Run, you get chased by a moving finish line – the Catcher Car. You can run as far and as fast as you want. Once overtaken, you are a finisher! At the very same time people from all around the globe are running, walking or rolling with you. Wherever they want. Either with the App or at a Flagship Run. Together, we run for those who can’t. For people who can’t enjoy the freedom of moving their body. We run to help find a cure for spinal cord injury.

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Explore the Global Community of Wings for Life World Runners

Explore the Global Community of Wings for Life World Runners

Discover inspiring moments from around the world with our user-generated content gallery. See the places they've been, the people they've met, and the impact they're making.

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The App connects you with the entire field of participants and will inform, entertain, and motivate you during the run.

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The Power of Running Together
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Together for the same goal

It's tremendous what we've achieved together since 2014 for spinal cord research.



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