“Catch me if you can”: Wings for Life World Run registration now open!

Wings for Life World Run participants getting ready at the startline in Brazil

It’s time to sign up for the Wings for Life World Run 2020.

What happens when well over 100,000 people across the globe walk, run, and roll in wheelchairs
at the same time for a great cause? Personal goals are reached, lifetime friendships are made and
the world comes closer to finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The format is perfect for all levels
of participation, everyone feels the excitement, and each person makes a difference. Register
today to save your place at the start line!

Unlike a traditional race, in the Wings for Life World Run the finish line is the iconic Catcher Car,
which chases down the runners one by one. Whether you are looking to spend a fun day with
friends or aiming to achieve high performance, the thrill of trying to stay ahead of the Catcher Car
could motivate you to achieve even more than you imagine.

The Wings for Life World Run is global, with participants of all endurance levels competing against
the Catcher Car simultaneously. The exhilarating experience empowers everyone to better the
lives of those who are fighting spinal cord injury. Your accomplishment will be something to
celebrate. The run is the primary fundraiser for the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research
, and 100% of entry fees and donations goes directly to important spinal cord research
projects, where real progress is happening.

On May 3, 2020, the run toward the next breakthrough will take off. Registration is easy, and
options are flexible. Participate shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands in a Flagship Run at a major
international destination, where together you’ll be pursued by a Catcher Car. Or register for an
App Run to be chased by a virtual Catcher Car anywhere you are. With an App Run, you can set
your own individual course or be part of an organized App Run created especially for camaraderie.

The run is livestreamed worldwide, and the vibe is purely positive: fun, togetherness and making a
difference. Among other milestones, participants in 2019 raised over 3.5 million euros. Groups in
creative costumes and surprises like marriage proposals add to the joy.

Wings for Life World Run participants running as a team in green costumes in South Africa

The Wings for Life World Run also has a new Exclusive Global Sportswear Partner, the sportswear
experience brand 4F

So sign up today for the Wings for Life World Run 2020. You’ll be giving hope to people
everywhere who are affected by spinal cord injury!