4 reasons to get excited about 4F, our new Global Apparel Partner

Woman with red dyed hair participates in the Wings for Life World Run 2019 in Poznan, Poland.

Sportswear experience brand 4F is joining forces with the Wings for Life World Run as Global Apparel Partner. In honor of their name, here are four reasons why the sports brand makes such a great collaborator for our very unique Run!

  1. 4F knows about physical challenges 
    Besides being a favorite with consumers globally, 4F is the official apparel partner of eight Olympic Committees and numerous national sporting associations. They’ve got a passion for sports, as well as high-quality fabrics, modern technologies and on-trend design. So whether you’ll be running in the mountains, the desert or somewhere in between, they’ve got your back. 
  2. They love the Wings for Life World Run
    In 2018 and 2019, 4F was a national partner of the Wings for Life World Run in its headquarters country of Poland. “Spinal cord injury research can change lives, and we’ve seen how much people love joining the Wings for Life World Run. The spirit at the runs has been incredible,” says Igor Klaja, who is president of 4F’s mother company, OTCF S.A. “Everyone at 4F is really proud to be part of this event on a global level.”  
  3. Functional t-shirts are on the way
    As part of the Global Apparel Partner relationship, 4F will be producing a specially designed, functional running t-shirt! It´s created to help participants achieve their best as they race against the Catcher Car. Wearing it is another way to enjoy the feeling of togetherness and show the world that we are united to find a cure.
  4. Last but not least: 4F make our sports director happy
    We didn’t think our sports director, Colin Jackson, could get any more appealing. But then we found out he’s going to wear the 4F functional t-shirt during the live broadcast on May 3, 2020. “I want to look and feel good, too,” he smiles. “4F´s enthusiasm for this cause and the expertise they bring are a great fit!”

For more info on 4F, check out: https://4fstore.com/

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