After his personal Wings for Life World Run milestone, paralyzed David Mzee now walks across the finish line at Weltklasse Zürich

The lead-up to the Weltklasse Zürich athletics featured a special moment as British hurdling legend Colin Jackson and David Mzee, who has been paralyzed for years, crossed the finish line at Letzigrund Stadium together – both on foot. As supporters of the Wings for Life World Run charity race, the pair, along with thousands across the globe, are ultimately aiming for a cure to spinal cord injury.

It was an emotional and inspirational kick-off to the sixth Wings for Life World Run last May when David stood up from his wheelchair in Zug, Switzerland, walked across the start line and continued for 390 meters before he was passed by the event's iconic "Catcher Car" finish line. Each year, runners of all levels, as well as wheelchair users, take part in the run, starting simultaneously across the planet. Fully 100% of their entry fees and donations go to cutting-edge spinal cord injury research funded by the not-for-profit Wings for Life foundation, including the breakthrough clinical trial in Switzerland that has seen headline-making progress for David and others.

The Weltklasse Zürich provided a perfect opportunity for David to meet Colin, a leading figure in the sporting community. In a remarkable career, Colin set numerous records and won Olympic silver in addition to three World Championships and 12 consecutive European crowns.

Colin is also the longtime International Sports Director of the Wings for Life World Run, and he and David quickly bonded as they crossed the finish line where a short time later top athletes would be fighting for the win. (Back in 1986, Colin very nearly took gold at the Weltklasse Zürich himself, finishing a close second as a 19-year-old new to the elite scene.) Their gesture was symbolic: Colin representing the sportive side of the Wings for Life World Run, and David embodying the hope for a cure that the charity event offers all those affected by spinal cord injury. 

Join Colin and David at the start line when the next Wings for Life World Run takes off on May 3, 2020. As always, 100% of every entry fee will go directly to spinal cord research. Find out more and preregister now at