Get ready for an amazing race day Audio Experience!

With a Virtual Catcher Car that whispers in your ear and the sound of crowds cheering you on, the Audio Experience of the Wings for Life World Run App is already popular with App Runners. But this year the experience is even more immersive than ever, and you can customize it for your individual style. The perfect race day vibe!

Here’s a preview of what’s in store…


When you tune in to the Audio Experience, you can choose what you’ll hear.

Core experience gives you all the essentials, such as:

  • A pre-race warm-up with a professional coach 15 minutes before the start.
  • Announcements when you have reached distance milestones.
  • Alerts from the Virtual Catcher Car as it approaches.
  • Well-deserved congratulations when you’ve reached the finish.

Entertainment experience serves up all the Core experience features, as well as:

  • Global event updates from our own International Sports Director Colin Jackson in Race Control, with VIP interviews, news on the number of participants, current race leaders and lots more.
  • Motivational shoutouts when you pass key distances.
  • Updates letting you know if you’re on pace to meet your personal goal (if you set one in the App), and confirming when you’ve achieved it.
  • A new personal story from Wings for Life to motivate you every 5K.

Plus, there’s an opportunity for your fans and supporters to send you short audio message cheers from your runner’s profile on the website, and – if you signed up for a team – you may just hear motivational messages from your own team captain as well.

The app will automatically provide both the Core and Entertainment Audio Experience by default, with the option to turn both of them off.


If the teasing voice of the Virtual Catcher Car is one of your favorite parts of the App Run, hang on to your headphones: This year the Catcher Car voices will include celebrities like ski racing icon Marco “Büxi” Büchel (speaking Swiss German); basketball Hall of Famer Gigi Datome (Italian); ski jumping legend and rally driver Adam Małysz (Polish); voice actor Martin Kessler(German); gaming streamer Maite ‘Mayichi’ Carrillo (Spanish); five-time Dakar Rally winner Cyril Despres (French); and actor Gregor Bloéb (Austrian German). Longtime Wings for Life World Run host Nick Fellows will be back on the microphone as host for the global (UK English) version, along with World Ironman Champion Lucy Charles-Barclay serving as Catcher Car driver for the global/UK English version as well as the US version. That’s just to name a few, because there are 16 language choices in all! And no matter where you run, you can choose the language you prefer.


It’s not just about words. If music is your motivator, use you preferred music app to get yourself moving, and the Audio Experience will jump in with the essential updates.

Wherever you start your App Run, the Audio Experience will make you feel just how much you are part of the global community, all running and rolling at the same time to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Listen for the race day Audio Experience at 10:45 am UTC on May 5, with a warm-up including welcome messages from VIPs, coaching to get your blood flowing and amazing music… and then at 11:00 UTC, it’s GO TIME!

The Audio Experience is only available live, in real time, so sign up for the App Run to make sure you won’t miss a moment on race day!