Tom Evans’ personal tips for the best running gear

British ultra running star and Wings for Life World Run fan Tom Evans knows a lot about how the right gear can affect your run, and he’s happy to share his advice. Check out these personal tips for making the most of your experience, both in training and when you run for those who can’t on race day.

Tom, besides finding the best running shoes, what’s the piece of running kit that you put the most thought into?

I would ask myself how I was going to carry my fuel… Personally, for anything less than two hours, I would wear a running belt. Or for anything over, I would use a trail running pack so I can have some fluids and snacks.

But everyone’s needs for hydration and fuel are different. If you’re going to be at the start line on May 8, the Wings for Life World Run Goal Calculator is an easy way to estimate how long you might be running before the Catcher Car passes you.

Do you layer clothes to do warm up exercises for running? 

I will always start in leggings and a jacket, especially in the morning or evening. I really don’t like getting cold! I have also started to experiment with heated trousers, which almost do the warm-up for me. Especially if I am driving to the mountains!

Then, if there’s a long run ahead, any tips for dealing with changing conditions?

Again, I think it’s better to layer up, as you can always add layers or take them off. Also, a really good-quality base layer would really help! It keeps you warm as well as getting the sweat off your body so it doesn’t make you cold.

Do you prefer technical fabric or cotton?

I always wear a technical fabric. Over the last few years I have really tried to only wear sustainably made training clothing from recycled garments. The quality is really good and I also get to do a little bit extra for the environment.

Cap, or no cap?

I really like wearing a cap. It helps to keep me cool and keep the sun off my face.

Can your headphones or earbuds make a difference in the running experience? 

Yes, a big difference. I use jawbone conducting headphones when I’m outside so I can still hear what’s going on around me. But for training inside, I will wear really good quality, big headphones for good-quality music!

And finally, shorts or tights? How do you decide?

Haha, good question. The first thing I do in the morning is take the dogs out in the garden with a cup of tea. If it’s cold enough to make me drink the tea straight away, then it’s tights. If not, then shorts!

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