Live every Thursday: Experts answer your questions

Each Thursday, we'll broadcast a new question-and-answer session live on Instagram, featuring pros and insiders with tips on making the most of your Wings for Life World Run experience!

As the world gets ready to run for those who can't, the Q&As will serve up insights on preparation, performance, nutrition, motivation... even the secrets of the Catcher Car. All presented by people in the know.

And the questions come from you! Each Wednesday, we'll take questions on our Instagram channel about the next day's Q&A topic. Then, our special guests will choose 10 of the best to answer live in their video. This is your chance to ask the experts what you've always wanted to know.

First up on Feb 13, live at 14:00 UTC: Two-time Wings for Life World Run Global Champion Aron Anderson shares his inspirational message of "Yes, you can!" and explains how to take your motivation to the next level.

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